New purchases

New in! Ideal of Sweden phone clutch for my new phone.

I had to get a new phone as my old Sony was more or less on life support. Seeing as I was starting a new temporary part time job as a nanny for a little 1-year old, I didn't feel at ease having a phone that could black out at any time. What if anything happened to the chap and I had to get hold of his parents? The things you tell yourself to justify spending dough right... I therefore purchased a Samsung S9 (which I have been drooling over since announced) and with that had to get some kind of protective case. I am after all a very clumsy girl (with an even clumsier boyfriend and puppy!).


New in! Coffee table photo album from Printworks.

I saw these coffee table photo albums on Instagram (I am such a sucker for ads on social media. I see, I want) and thought these were really neat. When I saw that the price weren't that bad (395 SEK), I decided to get one. I mean, how often do you actually print out photos and have them in an physical album nowadays?


Until next time, Renate.