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When my friend Natalie was here over the first weekend in June (she lives in England) we did a photoshoot after a couple of Gin Tonics. She is so gorgeous, making my job as a photographer so easy!


Until next time, Renate.

The first paid job

Friday 1st of June 2018. My first paid assignment in photography. Last week I sent my first invoice. A small, yet important milestone.


I got the gig through my friend Natalie. It was her brother's high school graduation. I spent the entire day with them, capturing moments like proud mom kissing an embarrassed boy's cheek, popping of champagne (which funny enough I got the first glass of!) and friends and family gathering at home to celebrate until the early hours.


The sun was shining all day (not the best condition for photography but I did the best of it) and I was a red lobster by the time I got home. I had a great time editing the images and I hope and believe they are left with a lot of lovely images to look back upon.

Until next time, Renate.

TWB - Natalie & Paul's Wedding

I studied photography at university and graduated with a bachelor in photography in 2011. After graduating I started working full time for an online marketing company and have continued on that trail up until December of last year. During the years of full time office work I found little time and energy for photography and at times it could take months between lifting up my camera. 


The turning point was my friend Natalie's wedding. She asked me if I in addition to being a guest also would like to photograph her big day. Obviously I couldn't say no so I dusted off my camera and got ready for my second wedding photography shoot. (I had previously shot my second-cousin Camilla's wedding in 2014).


It was quite a challenge trying to balance being the photographer and a guest at the same time, but Natalie wanted to make sure that it was en event that I would enjoy as a guest as much as anyone else and therefore told me to photograph amongst mingling and at dinner time and nighttime I could focus more heavily on the guest part than the photography part.


Even with the balancing of roles and the stress that comes with photographing weddings (I am sure most wedding photographers would agree!), the day resulted in a reborn spark when it comes to photography. After years of practically no photographing at all (except around Camilla's wedding in 2014) I felt so excited to be a bit creative again. I especially enjoyed the post-production work in Photoshop and it just felt so good to be back at it. 


So after that day in May 2016 I have been photographing on a more regular basis and I am so happy for that. Whenever we were going somewhere, doing something, my camera was attached and now I have the pictures as well as the memories to look back upon, whilst the time between August 2011 -  May 2016 is more of a fleeting, fussy memory combined with bad quality party pictures. 


I treasure the images taken in Greece summer 2016 and those taken in New York that very autumn. Who knows, without Natalie and her wedding I might have just had images on my phone. I therefore also treasure the images posted in this blog entry, those from her wedding. They helped me regain my love of photography.


I haven't shot any weddings after this one, but I guess during this year I should do one to make it a tradition doing weddings every two year. Joke aside, it would be fun to do more weddings going forwards. Since doing Natalie's I have photographed more than I had for a long time and invested in some better gear, so I feel well prepared. And besides, who does not love a good wedding?!

Until next time, Renate.