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Mid-July we visited Erik's mum Anki's country house in Simpnäs, where my parents met Anki for the first time. She served up a lovely lunch, followed by a proper Swedish Summer fika. We went swimming with Sajka and just enjoyed a lovely Summer day by the Stockholm archipelago. 


Until next time, Renate.

My goals for 2018

I made a list of goals at the beginning of the year (posted on my old blog), where I stated six things I wanted to achieve in 2018 to make it a good year. I thought now would be a good time to to a check in to see where I'm at with these goals. Read the original blog post here.

Improve as a photographer

I have watched countless of youtube videos of behind the scenes on photoshoots, photo editing etc. and done a lot of photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. I have actually never used Lightroom at all before this year, so I have come a long way there. Now I couldn't be without it. I still need to do A LOT more shoots, I am a bit behind on that due to the dog, but I am sure that will come so I think I am on the right path to achieve this goal.

Learn everything I need to know about owning a boat

So the boat is finally in the water, yey! I have learned bits and pieces about boats when Erik has been doing it up, but the real lessons and learnings will come during the Summer when we take it out.

Become a great dog-owner

We are doing the best we can. It is super challenging having a puppy, but we are doing what we can to ensure a good upbringing. We question ourselves a lot, probably too much, but we are taking puppy-lessons and training her the best we can. At the same time, we ensure she is fed, happy and safe at home.

Seize the opportunities that lays in front of me

I think I have done quite well on this point so far. When online store Briosa posted in a facebook group that they needed to team up with a photographer to do some shoots, I responded and got the gig. Now we have worked together several times and more to come. Fun!

Become a better cook

I make a lot of food and think it is fun being in the kitchen, but I can definitely challenge myself more here. Need to up my game!

Take care of myself, both physically and mentally

Very up and down I'd say. Been better at taking care of myself physically than mentally, even though it has been difficult to find time to go to the gym between work and puppy. Mentally, things have been rather difficult the last couple of months. I still lack confidence in myself and I do worry way too much what others think of me, even if I know them or not.

Until next time, Renate

In June I want to... shrimps on the boat.
...drink red wine in good company.
...try out a ton of new, delicious recipes.

All images taken June, 2017.

All images taken June, 2017.

...take a lot of pictures. out regularly.
...enjoy late nights on the balcony.


....go on a date.
...celebrate midsummer with friends. really, truly happy again.

What are your wishes for June?

Until next time, Renate

Taste the water

It is more or less weekend again (for me as I don't work Fridays) and I am starting it off by getting a sore throat and a headache. Hopefully it is just a one day type of illness (it never is though...) as I have plenty to do this weekend.


On Saturday it is finally time to get our boat into the water! Exciting and kinda nerve racking all at once. You read all sorts of horror stories about people doing up a boat for years only for it to sink the moment it's put in the water. Hopefully that won't happen to us. That would suck. Wish us luck! 

Until next time, Renate