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Things grow

Things grow. Our balcony is rapidly turning into an green oasis filled with the most wonderful scents. You can breathe it in the moment you step out onto the balcony, but when you run your fingers through the lavender... Oh my, what a scent that fills the whole space. The strawberries are so close to ripe, I can't wait to taste them! Oh, Summer truly came early this year.


Until next time, Renate.

Wags of the Gentlemen's club

Last night was a blast, the images taken this morning of the aftermath can confirm this. 3 bottles of wine went down like there was no tomorrow and fuelled our non-stop conversations. 


We really don't get together as often as we should just us girls, so whenever we do we always have so much to talk about. The most common topic of conversation is our boyfriends. It is through our boyfriends that we know each other. They are all part of what they like to call "Herrklubben" (the gentlemen's club), so I have decided to name us (the girlfriends) "Wags of Herrklubben".  


I served my slightly altered version of this, which seemed to be a huge success. I strongly recommend testing out the linked recipe, it is SO good and perfect for Summer! I drank red, of course. Those who know me, know I am all about the red. (My boyfriend actually surprised me last week by coming home with no less than 12(!) bottles of red wine for me, just because I had bought a wine rack and had no wine to put in it). 


We sat outside on the balcony all evening, this weather is to die for. I really hope we get to have plenty of late nights out on the balcony this Summer. It just doesn't get much cosier than that. Sajka was a star all evening as well. Just a perfect, cuddly little pup sleeping by the door at the sound of our laughter.

Did you do anything fun last night?

Until next time, Renate. 

Girls weekend

Saturday, again. The weeks are really just flying by. Erik is off to run Göteborgsvarvet today, so I am basically a “single-mom” this weekend. I have not been alone with Sajka over several days before, but it is going very well. She is behaving like a dog should behave.

Can you believe she is 5 months in just a couple of days and she is getting so big! She sure ain't mom's little baby anymore. Which is sort of sad, but mostly a relief. She is becoming calmer by the day and we are slowly getting back into a somewhat normal day to day routine. 


This is in other words a proper girls weekend. I have two friends coming over tonight for some food, wine and overdue girl talk. Hopefully there won’t be any girl drama. I know Sajka have it in her to stir up a storm if she wants to, that bitch.

Have you got any fun plans for the weekend?

Until next time, Renate.

The doctor recommends sun twice a day

Isn't it just amazing how much a little sun can do for your mood? I always feel more up-beat, positive, motivated and full of energy when the sun comes out and I can feel the warmth from it touching my skin. We have had the most amazing Summer weather for days now (and it's only the beginning of May!) and I have started working out again and I have even properly sorted out the apartment which has been a mess since we got Sajka. It feels great seeing things fall back into place after feeling like we have lived our lives upside down since Sajka joined the family.

I am not telling the full truth here, because it is not all happiness and laughter in the camp. It is not easy having a puppy and the breed we chose is rather challenging. But I try my very best to stay positive, because I really have to. And the sun sure helps.

Until next time, Renate.

That summer feeling

Yesterday I felt it for the first time this year. That feeling of summer. I was on my way home from the first gym session in like forever. The sun in my eyes and a warm, summery breeze kept messing up my hair. That smell tho. That smell the breeze carried with it was just summer in a nut shell. Flowers, trees, green and fresh. Maybe my favourite smell of all time. In moments like that I really get what happiness feels like. In moments like that everything that feels hard to cope with becomes easier in a way. At least for that very moment. I smile.


Until next time, Renate.

Walpurgis Night

I just learned that Valborg (as they say here in Sweden) is called Walpurgis Night in English. I did not know that, so thank you Wikipedia. Walpurgis Night is celebrated on the night of 30th April with a massive bonfire. 


We went to a friends country house for the night, where we enjoyed quality time with good friends over drinks and a barbecue. The first barbecue of the year! Summer is coming.


Sajka loved being able to run around the house free of a leash. There was so much to see, hear and sniff for a young, little pup. She was allowed to run around freely up until I saw her running around with a viper snake hanging from her mouth. Thankfully, it seemed to already be dead.


Until next time, Renate.