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Easter break in Sälen

We were a group of seven, eight counting the puppy, who went up to a cabin in Sälen for Easter to ski, drink and play boardgames. We did just that. Ok, when I say we I meant most of us. I was on puppy-duty most of the time so I didn't actually get to ski at all. I am not much of a skier really, so it felt natural taking the bullet and let Erik off puppy-duty to enjoy the slopes. Especially since I had to bounce a couple days early to head to Norway and my nephew's christening, leaving Erik alone in charge of our monster/angel (depending on the mood) of a dog. 


Sajka absolutely loved jumping around in the snow. One of her favourite activities was running up a large pile of snow to then slide down. Repeat until tired. Wherever we took her we were stopped by people who just had to say hi to her. She became quite the popular lady in Sälen, our Sajka. Even tho her way of greeting people is by barking at them until she feels brave enough to go sniff them for a second. That was her communication method every day, except one time when we went to the afterski. She suddenly decided everyone was her friend and went around greeting everyone, whether they wanted to or not. (which of course they did, who are we kidding). 


Next time we go skiing, Sajka will most likely be a big enough girl to come along, meaning the whole family can enjoy a day out skiing together! (Sajka won't be skiing, but you get what I mean). That will be very nice, especially seeing as if I get tired, Sajka can just pull me along. Kidding. Maybe not.


The weather was simply perfect. Sun, blue skies and a decent temperature so you actually felt quite warm sitting outside in the sun. I even got a tan. No, I didn't. I don't even get a tan in Bali... BUT I didn't get a sun burn either, and those I do get. Even tho the trip was a bit short for me and I mostly made sure the dog didn't do any mischief, it was all in all a lovely little get away. Next time will be even better!

Until next time, Renate.

Meet Sajka

Meet Sajka, a 13-week old Swiss Shepherd puppy. She came into our lives a month ago and stole our hearts immediately. As new puppy-parents with no previous puppy experience it has been tough, rough and emotional to say the least, trying to figure out how to communicate with this living creature that has taken over our apartment and causing us less sleep than what we usually operate with.

She is a curious young girl who loves jumping around in the snow and eating gravel. She likes telling off other dogs and are cocky as hell... well, until they answer her back that is. She also loves stealing everything that isn't hers. How many times have we not seen her victoriously skipping off to her cage with a new sock or shoe. Girl, you don't get to keep it just 'cause you hide it in your "room".


Another thing my darling Sajka likes to do is sleep. Mommy and daddy could not be happier by the fact! A sleeping puppy means sleeping puppy-parents. I mean, yes, we are tired, but we have actually been more spoiled with sleep at night than what we feared. She sleeps through the night now, just last night we went to bed at 9 (We're tired ok?!) and didn't get up until 6.


Until next time, Renate.