Dear you, my dearest

Mum, do you remember that time you decided to chaperone my school trip in 10th grade? I was terrified of being embarrassed. Turned out you got along so great with the rest of the parents that I had to beg for your attention. It was also quite handy having a parent-wallet with me. It was all good, you played it quite cool.

Dad, do you remember that time I helped you out fixing the car? I felt like such a good, little helper though I am unsure how much of a help I actually was. I was like the son you didn't have. Until your actual son was born that is.

Monica, do you remember that time (or should I say times) where I claimed you likes so-and-so and you answered that you most certainly did not? I told you I knew for sure as I had read it in your diary. What can I say, it kinda was my job to be the annoying little sister.

Odd-Levi, do you remember how you always watched me and Monica jump rope and wanting to be just like your sisters, as we were and will forever be your heroes? You would stomp one foot at every line you found on the ground, as you had not learned how to jump yet.

Ida, do you remember that time we drank Mickey Finn out the bottle and I threw up over the rails on your balcony? We had eaten chicken tikka masala and I kept coughing up one grain of rice at the time for hours after. I never had Mickey Finn after that.

Camilla, do you remember that time we were lying next to each other on a big rock getting our diapers changed? I don't, but I remember seeing a picture of it. Thanks dad.


Snippets of a vast amount of memories. Good and bad, but mostly good.

Untill next time, Renate.

Renate SolhaugComment

Mid-July we visited Erik's mum Anki's country house in Simpnäs, where my parents met Anki for the first time. She served up a lovely lunch, followed by a proper Swedish Summer fika. We went swimming with Sajka and just enjoyed a lovely Summer day by the Stockholm archipelago. 


Until next time, Renate.