3 years ago today...

3 years ago today...

…I saw a picture of a guy wearing a bow tie and thought to myself “what a cutie”.

A week later, we met. I got drunk on red wine and was dying the following day.

A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes.

4 months later I moved in with him.

We have since then travelled to 6 different countries together, been drunk on champagne in two different cities abroad, moved to a bigger apartment, bought a dog, been the happiest we have ever been (at least I have) and also the most depressed. It has been a roller coaster of 3 years, where the first couple of years started off as a fairytale I thought only were to be found in the movies.

If our foundation hadn’t been so strong, then I am not sure we would’ve gotten through this last year. Thankfully it has been and hopefully we will soon be able to enjoy the calm after a storm.