Wags of the Gentlemen's club

Last night was a blast, the images taken this morning of the aftermath can confirm this. 3 bottles of wine went down like there was no tomorrow and fuelled our non-stop conversations. 


We really don't get together as often as we should just us girls, so whenever we do we always have so much to talk about. The most common topic of conversation is our boyfriends. It is through our boyfriends that we know each other. They are all part of what they like to call "Herrklubben" (the gentlemen's club), so I have decided to name us (the girlfriends) "Wags of Herrklubben".  


I served my slightly altered version of this, which seemed to be a huge success. I strongly recommend testing out the linked recipe, it is SO good and perfect for Summer! I drank red, of course. Those who know me, know I am all about the red. (My boyfriend actually surprised me last week by coming home with no less than 12(!) bottles of red wine for me, just because I had bought a wine rack and had no wine to put in it). 


We sat outside on the balcony all evening, this weather is to die for. I really hope we get to have plenty of late nights out on the balcony this Summer. It just doesn't get much cosier than that. Sajka was a star all evening as well. Just a perfect, cuddly little pup sleeping by the door at the sound of our laughter.

Did you do anything fun last night?

Until next time, Renate.