The doctor recommends sun twice a day

Isn't it just amazing how much a little sun can do for your mood? I always feel more up-beat, positive, motivated and full of energy when the sun comes out and I can feel the warmth from it touching my skin. We have had the most amazing Summer weather for days now (and it's only the beginning of May!) and I have started working out again and I have even properly sorted out the apartment which has been a mess since we got Sajka. It feels great seeing things fall back into place after feeling like we have lived our lives upside down since Sajka joined the family.

I am not telling the full truth here, because it is not all happiness and laughter in the camp. It is not easy having a puppy and the breed we chose is rather challenging. But I try my very best to stay positive, because I really have to. And the sun sure helps.

Until next time, Renate.