Levi's Christening


I ended the Easter weekend by attending my nephew's christening. This was the first time meeting him and boy - what a happy little sweetheart he is. I was once again one of the godmothers, as I also were for Aria, my sister's daughter. The name Levi comes from my father's father. When my brother was born my parents decided to name him Odd-Levi, which combines the names of both of my grandfathers. Seeing as I never got to meet my mother's father and my father's father died when I was too young to remember, I find that to be a nice way to honor them. And now there is another Levi in town!


This short, yet lovely trip to Brønnøysund also meant I got to spend some much needed quality time with my niece Aria. She is turning 3 in the beginning of May and seeing as we live so far away from each other I have only met her like 5 times during these three years. What was really nice to see was that she see remembered me well from the last time we met - which as in August! We always say we are going to skype and talk loads, and whilst we do skype on occasion, it just doesn't happen as often as we'd like. Time flies when you get older, that's for sure.


I photographed quite a bit during the day. I really enjoy capturing real-life moments and lifestyle photography is definitely one of my favourite areas within the world of photography. It is the sincerity of the subjects that speaks to me far greater than posed portrait and/or fashion photography does.

Until next time, Renate.