Brønnøysund & Vega

My sister lives in Brønnøysund, which is a far bit north in Norway and lies beautifully along the coast. The town centre sits on a narrow peninsula on the mainland and is surrounded by islands and water. It is safe to say it is a great place to visit for those of us who enjoys a bit of idyllic scenery, and to be honest - who doesn't?!


My boyfriend and I drove there last August, all the way from Stockholm to visit my sister and her family. On the same island my sister lives on (Toft) you find the Norwegian Aquaculture Center (Norsk Havbrukssenter) which is a visitor and development center for modern fish-farming in Norway.


On Toft you also find another turist attraction, Torghatten. I was very excited to bring my boyfriend there, as I know how much he likes trekking and mountains and nature and stuff. What is really cool about Torghatten is that it is a granite mountain with a hole/tunnel all through the center. We walked up to the tunnel and through it, walking down on the other side. Before deciding to climb the mountain to the top! I was tired and not really feeling it, but when we got up there and saw the view it was all worth it (See picture below).


Whilst we were in Brønnøy we made sure to take the ferry out to visit the Vega archipelago and the biggest island there, also called Vega. The Vega archipelago is actually on the UNESCO list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage, so that's pretty cool.


At first we weren't sure about going, as the weather didn't look that good. It was raining and foggy, but seeing as we had the car to drive around with, we figured let's go. I mean, how often do we have the chance? I am glad we did, as it hardly rained whilst we where there, and the fog sourrounded the mountains in the most fairytale-like way. It seemed rather magical. 


It was such a pretty island with a true fisherman vibe. I don't think the images would've turned out this good if it was a bright sunny day. It was perfect conditions to capture the feel of the place! My parents and grandma were gonna tag along, but decided against it due to the weather report. Oh, I am sure they are regretting that now.


I mean, come on! Could it get more idyllic than this? I think not.

Until next time, Renate.