3 years ago today...

…I saw a picture of a guy wearing a bow tie and thought to myself “what a cutie”.

A week later, we met. I got drunk on red wine and was dying the following day.

A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes.

4 months later I moved in with him.


We have since then travelled to 6 different countries together, been drunk on champagne in two different cities abroad, moved to a bigger apartment, bought a dog, been the happiest we have ever been (at least I have) and also the most depressed. It has been a roller coaster of 3 years, where the first couple of years started off as a fairytale I thought only were to be found in the movies.

If our foundation hadn’t been so strong, then I am not sure we would’ve gotten through this last year. Thankfully it has been and hopefully we will soon be able to enjoy the calm after a storm.

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Workshop in Mallorca

I attended a workshop on (in?) Mallorca last September. It was held by photographers Emma Schödin and Nathalie Nyberg. We were a small group of photographers attending, all with different backgrounds, experiences and preferences, and we all had our own reasons for attending. It was a great group that got along from day one and it was really good being able to connect with other photographers to share ideas, struggles and get the feeling of being colleagues rather than competitors. Being a photographer can be a rather lonely profession, so building a network is so valuable. I believe the workshop did just that, and this is one of the main reasons why I would recommend anyone with interest in working with photography to attend a workshop held by Emma and Nathalie.


Emma and Nathalie had arranged three shoots the one day; a family shoot, a pregnant shoot and a couples shoot. Another day we had a full day wedding shoot, from getting ready, to the ceremony and portraits afterwards. The last shoot was also a bridal shoot, but only with a “bride” this time and also only the portrait part. These images are from that shoot.

See images from the couples shoot here.


They are now arranging new workshops, this time two separate ones, both in Stockholm. One is focusing on Pregnant/Couple and the other is a Wedding photography workshop. You can read all about both workshops here if you are interested.


This is not an ad I would like to point out, just a recommendation for all interested in these types of photography as I myself had a really positive and great experience from the one I attended last year.

I personally think the images I am left with (sooo much material to build a portfolio!) are amongst my favourite images I have ever taken, and for that I am grateful.