Telling stories through images. Supported by the odd text



I have always been a creative soul and from a very early age I could be found painting, drawing and writing the most imaginative stories you could possibly imagine. I once wrote a story about a tomato that wasn’t allowed to become ketchup because it was green and only red tomatoes was allowed to become ketchup. He was a real outcast that poor little green tomato. Another time I wrote a lovely Christmas story about a house elf that was supposed to look after the barn and the animals on the farm. It ended with the barn burning down on Christmas Eve and the last thing we saw of the house elf was him sitting on the ground, ready to die, as heavy snow were falling from the sky down upon him. Wow - I sure was a cheerful young lady. But we ain't here to talk about my written stories now, are we?

It wasn't until I was well into my teens that I developed an interest in photography. When I told my parents that I wanted to start photographing, my dad got way more excited than I would've thought. It turned out that when he was my age, he had also been quite into photography, something I never knew! He actually got so excited that he one day came home with a surprise for me; my very first SLR camera! That was the same camera I moved to England with in 2008 to do a bachelor in Photography. So thank you dad, I owe you one! After graduating in 2011 I found a job within digital marketing. Fast forward 6 years to when I remembered that it was photography I wanted to do. I quit my job and have since the beginning of 2018 been working on building up my own photography business. And here we are.