Telling stories through images. Supported by the odd text



I have from an early age had the urge to be creative. The format I have used as an outlet for my creativity have differed from time to time, touching on drawing, painting, writing, photographing and photo editing. From the very beginning drawing and painting was my passion, and for my age I was quite good. I have been told that the kindergarten teachers had to watch me draw at one point, because they couldn’t believe that someone my age could draw that well. I personally think that probably is a bit of an exaggeration, but hey - that’s what I am told.

As I grew older I got more interested in writing and photographing and stopped drawing all together. Which is probably why I still draw like I did age 10. Needless to say my drawing skills no longer impress anyone. I would always write the weirdest and most imaginative short stories (in school that is), and was always awarded good grades for the words put to paper. The jante law screams at me now, I feel as though I am not allowed to say that, but it is true.

I once wrote a story about a green tomato that was so sad and a proper outcast because only the red tomatoes were allowed to become ketchup. Another time I wrote a lovely Christmas story about a house elf in charge of looking after the barn and the animals on the farm. It ended with the barn burning down on Christmas Eve and the last thing we saw of the house elf was him sitting on the ground, ready to die, as heavy snow were falling from the sky down upon him. I also wrote a short novel about a girl being raped in a forest. I am starting to see a red line here. This was in my early teens, when I was a proper WannabEmo.

I was good at writing. I still think I am, I just feel like I somewhere along the way lost all my inspiration. I hope one day I can get it back, so that these pages can be filled with things worth reading.

Mid-teens I developed a keen interest i photography. When I told my parents that I wanted to start photographing, my dad got way more excited than I would've thought. It turned out that when he was my age he had also been quite into photography, something I never knew. He actually got so excited that he one day came home with a surprise for me; my very first SLR camera! That was the same camera I moved to England with in 2008 to do a bachelor in photography. So thank you dad, I owe you one.

After graduating in 2011 I found a job within digital marketing and kind of forgot about writing and photography for years. I spent my time being with my nearest and dearest and focusing on job. I had no extra time or energy to really put inte my creativity and so it slowly died out. After agreeing to photograph my friend Natalie’s wedding in May 2016, I remembered how fun it was to produce images and kinda got back into it again. After that I made sure to have my camera with me more often and during the last couple years I have taken more images that I did during the period of 2011 - 2016.

2018 was the year I decided to try out being a full-time photographer professionally. Although, I do believe I have the skills needed to be a good photographer, I did not enjoy running my own business. This due to the aspect of chasing new clients and “selling myself”, something that lies is so far away from my nature to do. I started missing the 9-5 routine, colleagues and office coffee. Not to mention the pay slip at the end of each month. So after 10 months of giving it a shot, I came to the conclusion that that particular lifestyle and work situation just wasn’t for me. I have at least tried it so I don’t need to wonder what if.

With that said, I am absolutely open to photography jobs and doing collaborations, so if you like my work and fancy creating some magic together, do feel free to get in touch!

And here we are.